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Daniel Strecker's Blog - daniel-strecker.com
published: 2017-10-21
started: 2017-10-21
last change: 2018-01-04

Short Domain Names

At the time of writing, the following 6575 .de domains with 3 characters are available for registration:
domains_3char-de-available_2017-10-21.txt (6575)

When comparing this to the same list from 3 months earlier of all length 3 .de domains (6693) we find that there were changes in both directions: 220 domains were taken and also 102 domains became available again. For me personally it comes as a surprise that so many were abandoned.

There are no more available .com domains with 1, 2, or 3 characters. Here is a list of available 4 character .com domains (zip). Completing this list by repeatedly querying takes more than a week, because you have to query for 1.7 mln domain names and you may not exceed the maximum allowed query rate.


Short domain names are used because of their simplicity. Therefor I didn't include domains with special characters like German umlauts ä/ö/ü or ß in these lists, because domains containing special characters have technical subtleties which can make them complicated. Thus they would render the advantage of a short domain name useless, which is contrary to the intention of simplicity.